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Google Buzz & SEO

Everyone has been ‘buzzing’ around the new social media platform launched by Google recently – Google Buzz. There is nothing outstanding about the layout – it’s a sort of Twitter meets FriendFeed design. The major difference (and advantage) Buzz has over the existent social networks is that it is integrated into your Gmail account. There are many other interesting features which have been discussed in much detail across the internet but this article will go more in depth about other features.

For Search Engine Optimizers, the two interesting aspects of Google Buzz are:

1. The ‘implicit’ priority that Google Buzz will get on the Google Search Engine

2. The ‘auto-following’ – you can leverage Gmail to grow your social network more rapidly (compared with Twitter) since Buzz has a built-in viral feature by auto-following contacts

For the past few years, Google has moving towards a trend know as ‘real-time’ or ‘blended’ search. On your search result page you won’t only see organic (free results) and sponsored ads but also images, video, Twitter, MySpace and news posts (all as it happens). The opportunities for SEO service here are:

1. Google may interpret links from these posts to your website as having some marginal impact on your PageRank.

2. Buzz is already linked to Gmail and Google says that public Buzz will be indexed on Google search engines (have a look at the launch video). Google is also indexing Twitter posts; all of this encourages an SEO to see Buzz as a powerful tool

3. The posts themselves may show up on Google searches and give you some temporary visibility for free and for your target keywords.

I may be speculating here but I believe that Google Buzz might get a slight advantage when it comes to ‘real-time’ search, after all its Google’s baby.2 People may read your tweets, news posts and for this reason you should directly o to your website 3 The posts themselves may show up on Google searches result and give you some temporary visibility just for free with no cost and for your goaled keywords. Buzz is already linked to Gmail and Google says that public Buzz will be indexed on Google search engines (have a look at the launch video). Google is also indexing Twitter posts; all of this encourages an SEO to see Buzz as a powerful tool.

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Next generation Google Search

I just read a good post in wired magizine this month. Real time search and mobile search will become critical skills for Internet Marketing. Traditional news sources (broadcast, print) need to evolve to catch up with the way info is being shared…Also, security for info in the cloud will gain importance – as more people trust it, more attention will be given to mining info by the bad guys.

We from Searchreadyseo always appreciate the updates on where things are going with Google. I also appreciate Matt pointing out Mobile Searching, there are so many companies that are either afraid of it or just don’t know how to make their sites more mobile friendly. Hopefully, phone manufacturers will also work harder on making their browsers a little better so small businesses will have an easier time being viewed on a mobile phone.

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How to make google to visit my site Frequently?

How to make google to visit my site Frequently?

There are few ways to go about this.
1. You can adjust crawl settings in Google Webmaster Tools. Go to google webmasters and use “settings” to adjust crawl rate. it is recommended to accept google’s own crawl rate recommendaton given there.
2. You can start with building a quality DOFOLLOW link network.
3. Create Quality content and update your website
4. If you use wordpress then google should index your posts within 5 minutes as every post is automatically pinged.
5. Create XML Site map, Publish your RSS Feed

It is important to remember that frequent crawling doesn’t mean faster and more indexing.

YouTube: Social Media Marketing via Video

When it comes to marketing, video can be a great way to interact with potential customers, but you must do it correctly in order to attract new customers and not chase them away.

Here are a few tricks we have used on YouTube for ourselves as well as for our customers to leverage YouTube successfully for marketing.

First thing is to clearly state your objective with the video. Are you looking to build brand recognition or is the video more of a direct sales demo? Being clear gets you more views.

You should also remember to keep it short, 3 minutes or less. If you have more to say make more than one video!

Once you get it up on YouTube one of the most critical things people forget to do is to add a description, tags and title that accurately describe the video and utilize as many keywords that people will use to find you. If you don’t do this you won’t be found!

Lastly, now that you’ve launched the video online. How do you let people know about it? All of those other social networks you listed are a great distribution place to start. Blogs, social networking sites (such as LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter) will help you extend the reach of your videos on YouTube. Where applicable, send bloggers a link to your video or comment on other people’s blogs and include a link to your video there, as long as it is relevant.

Most importantly, add the video to your website, make it part of your email marketing campaign, add a link to the video in your email signature, add it to your blog – if someone sees the video on YouTube and then views it again on your website…this only helps to increase your brand recognition.

These are just a few things we learned through trial and error.

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Welcome to Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This document first began as an
effort to help teams within Google, but we thought it’d be just as useful to webmasters that are new to
the topic of search engine optimization and wish to improve their sites’ interaction with both users and
search engines. Although this guide won’t tell you any secrets that’ll automatically rank your site first
for queries in Google (sorry!), following the best practices outlined below will make it easier for search
engines to both crawl and index your content.

Search engine optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. When
viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined
with other optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site’s user experience and
performance in organic search results.

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