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Top 5 communication skills in virtual environment

Here are some interesting discussions from my UOP Management class.
what would you consider to be the top five communication skills managers and their employees need to communicate effectively in a virtual environment?

1) Professional writing skills & etiquette.
2) Able to communicate effectively and concisely
3) Able to analyze and interpret messages accurately to avoid miss-communication.
4) Technical & computer skills for general navigation and functionality.
5) Patience. Lots of patience. :)

I have found it better to get ones point across by keeping messages simple in email form and open with who, what, where, why and close with a time frame of response time back. That way in the event that the message was misunderstood a clarification can be provided verbally and within a reasonable amount of time. When attaching files it is helpful to mention it somewhere in the body of the letter as not all look for them as a rule of thumb. Follow ups are essential in conducting business in the virtual world as it is a fast pace society with limited room for confusion.

Here is another issue:

“many people read emails too quickly”. Working in the employee communications department-I can tell you, this is absolutely true. The majority of employees that read an entire email is quite low. We all tend to be “skimmers” looking for the “what is in it for me” or “do I need to change my behavior”. For most large program or initiatives I develop a communication plan. This plan includes what I am going to communicate, when, to who and how I will reach them. We spend countless hours perfecting messaging-that most employees claim they never saw.

So, tell me, how many of you are guilty of not reading messages that you receive from your corporate office?

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